Common Cider

Uncommonly good


Common Cider

Uncommonly good

These are our "Go To" ciders, we make them all the time on our urban homestead. We love to drink these two ciders and are excited to be able to share them with you. 

These fraternal twin ciders are born together, from the same lineage. Like twins they may look the same but have distinctly different personalities. Both ciders are crystal clear, with medium carbonation, and medium/dark straw color.  They may look and act the same but that is where the similarities end, one is complexly extraverted while the other is sweet and delicate. 

The blend of apples is carefully selected to provide the right balance of flavor, aroma, acidity, and tannin. Always made from 100% fresh pressed local apples, we never use concentrate or artificial sugars. These ciders are treated as a single cider though out the fermentation and aging process. It's not until the final stage that we split the cider into the two different ciders. At this stage medium dry cider is back sweetened with a natural sugar, while the dry has only the small amount of residual sugar left over from the fermentation.

We plan to have both the Common Dry Cider and the Common Medium Cider available year round in bottles and on tap starting in 2015 so be sure to ask your local store or restaurant for our twins.



Our extraverted twin.

The tannin and acidity of the common dry cider ask you "'Sup, whats go'n on" with every taste. A carbonated cider with just enough sweetness to bring out the apple aroma, this cider is a nice balance of flavor, aroma, acidity, and tannin.

This is a cider is just as happy at thanksgiving dinner as it is on a summer picnic. 

Drink this cider on its own or pair it with food. Here are a few suggestions on how to pair this 

  • Smoked white meet (be creative)
  • Smoked Pork (light on the spices)
  • Grilled Pork
  • Fried Chicken
  • Fish and Chips
  • Sharp or smoked cheese
  • Cheese and meat Fondue
  • Turkey, Stuffing cranberry sauce 


Our sweet and delicate twin.

It is amazing how slightly back sweetening can impact the characteristics of a cider. The additional sweetness gives am more pronounced fruity flavor and aroma wile softening both the tannin and acidity.  The results are a cider more likely to whisper sweet nothings into your ear. 

Rain or shine this is a cider that loves a lazy sunday afternoon with friends.

Drink this cider on its own or pair it with food. Here are a few paring suggestions to get you started:

  • Sushi
  • Mild cheeses 
  • Hawaiian Pizza (ham and pineapple)
  • Grilled pork
  • Grilled white meet
  • Mac and Cheese