Cider style can very dramatically. Flavor ranges from a traditional english cider that has a big complex flavor with a rich dark color to a cider that is more delicate in flavor and color full of fruit.


Semi Dry

This is a cider that has some residual sugar although not very much


A cider with a high sugar content. Most of the max market ciders available in the US fall into the sweet category even when they say dry on the bottle.



A still cider is one with no carbonation. This was very common in traditional ciders and can still be found in some ciders from England but it is very difficult to find a commercial american cider that is still. At Rider Ranch Ciderworks we do intend on selling a selection of still ciders.


Sparkling ciders have a high level of carbonation, The often resemble a lower alcohol champaign or sparkling wine. At Rider Ranch Ciderworks we will rarely offer a cider so carbonated that it would be considered sparkling